This helps advertisers home in on the specific audiences that best match their target markets, and gives us an exclusive snapshot of the podcast audience as a whole.

Every year we at Midroll conduct the industry's largest survey of podcast listeners. 

We do this to give our advertisers useful and practical audience demographics for every show we represent.

The Method

of 265 Midroll podcasts to 

learn who they are, what

they do, and how they

spend their money.



From June through 

October 2015 we surveyed

How'd we ask?

Simple: We had our hosts read ads for the survey on their podcasts, of course!

Podcast Listeners Are Diverse & Representative

As the podcast audience grows it is diversifying, looking more like the demographics of the United States as a whole.

Demographics Pie Chart Comparing US to Podcast Audience

$300 A YEAR

Podcast Listeners Are Educated

Half the podcast audience has a bachelor's or higher degree.

on books and e-books.

And they read... a lot!

$132 A YEAR

28% spend at least

53% spend at least

on books and e-books.



Podcast Listeners Are Mobile
Activity icons - workout, driving, public transport, airplane, walking, running, bicycling

Podcast listeners tune in to their favorite shows when they're on the move and in places where they can't consume other media. 

They listen while working out (1), in the car (2), taking public transport (3), traveling (4), and while walking, running, and biking (5).





Podcast Listeners Are Loyal

When podcast listeners subscribe to shows, they stick with them.

listen to most or all episodes

report buying something they heard about on a podcast ad.


Not only do listeners hear podcast ads, but they also respond to them.

dollar bills

22% have an annual household income of $100,000 or more.

Buying Habits


spend at least $300 on home entertainment subscriptions, like Netflix, Hulu or Spotify

buy pet supplies


spend at least $600 on dining out

(17% spend more than $1800)

buy nutritional supplements and vitamins




buy beer, wine or liquor



Buying habits icon



spend at least $300 on ticketed entertainment

buy gluten-free foods

Binoculars icon
Finding Desirable Audiences

Here's where things get interesting. Midroll's industry-leading demographic data help us identify podcasts with very desirable audiences.

Household income icon
Shows: Gastropod, SciFri, Grammar Girl, Undisclosed, The CultCast

For each of the following shows, more than one-third of the audience has a household income over $100,000 per year:

More women are listening to podcasts, and these are some of their favorites.

Female Venus Symbol
Shows: Undisclosed, The Read, Not Too Deep, Jillian Michaels Show, Nutrition Diva

Women make up more than two-thirds of the audience of these shows:

Up arrow icon
Shows: Angela Yee Lip Service, Brilliant Idiots, Combat Jack Show, Tax Season, The Read

African-Americans are a growing podcast demographic, and make up the majority of these podcasts' audiences:

The Most Desirable Age Demographic
Shows: Super Best Friendcast, Polygon, Hollywood Handbook, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky

For these shows more than
three-quarters of listeners
are aged 18-34.

Most Loyal and Attentive
Shows: Bombcast, Brilliant Idiots, Super Best Friendcast, Tax Season, Idle Thumbs

More than two-thirds of listeners to these shows listen to most or all episodes.

80% printed on t-shirt
Shows: The Incomparable, Sklarbro Country, Never Not Funny, Get Up on This, Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period

And more than 80% of these shows' audiences bought something from a podcast ad:

Podcasts are popular with today's leaders and decision makers.

Leaders and Decision Makers
Shows: Studio 360, The Public Speaker, Get It Done Guy, $100 MBA, EO Fire

At least one-third of these shows' listeners are managers, directors, or executives:

At least one-quarter of these shows' listeners buy gluten-free foods every month.

Shows: Rich Roll, Hack the Entrepreneur, Smart People Podcast, Off Camera with Sam Jones, Crybabies
Leading the Trends

Sales of gluten-free foods GREW 34% from 2009 - 2015.*

* According to Packaged Facts report Gluten-Free Foods in the U.S., 5th Edition.

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